Graduated from the University of Paris VIII and Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts, Laurent Pernot has been developping a polymorphous work for a decade through various media : video, installation, photography, light, sculpture.

His poetic visual language is focused on memory, images and words, which he explores through the experience of the flow of time, the impermanence, the visible or the disappearance. His work often induces a contemplation, playing with perception, through a sense of time and melancholy inhabited by both the past and the present, the alterability of things and beings, the fragility and the loss. 

Laurent Pernot regularly investigates history, philosophy, poetry, sometimes with research based on specific places or on the memory of major historical figures. The interactions between man and nature are also among his major themes.

No man is master of the wind, each holds his sailboat as he can. Laurent Pernot