2018 / 82 Jours à l’Armurier

Public commission, permanent installation, Bois de l’Armurier, city of Colomiers, France
Project in collaboration with the writer Arthur Dreyfus
Production Pavillon Blanc Henri Molina – Media library I Art center, city of Colomiers

Literary creation by Arthur Dreyfus
Specific website: www.82joursalarmurier.fr
Printed edition, 88 pages, 2018

In the public park of the castle of Armurier, an artistic installation encourages visitors to stroll, discover and read scattered words among the wood. It is dedicated to the memory of Leon Blum who never ceased to celebrate his love of the language through literature, the arts, law, correspondences, the media and politics.
The literary creation of Arthur Dreyfus entitled “82 Jours à l’Armurier” is devoted to the time of Leon Blum’s refuge at the castle of the Armurier, from June to September 1940, while he was threatened by the Vichy government. From this text, words and quotations were extracted to physically materialize in the existing vegetation and along a pedestrian path, sometimes hidden, in this very place that once protected Leon Blum and his relatives from the eyes of his assailants.
Thus, the surrounding nature of the castle becomes the space of a memory where words appear like fragments of a history to recompose.