2021 / Recall from the ocean

Specific production, golden sands beach, city of Anglet
Dimensions H 420 x L 180 x P 160 cm
Production La Littorale | Biennale of contemporary art of Anglet

On the beach, a sand car stands, as if fossilized. Accidental or fallen from the sky, this object of today, so familiar, takes on the appearance of a ruin of the past. Perched on top of the monument, a naked child, with a white sculptural silhouette, reminiscent of ancient statuary, contemplates the horizon and seems to look towards the future. Symbol of industrial modernity, embodying speed, freedom, consumption, progress but also pollution, the car then becomes a mirador, an observation point of the natural world, the coastline and a horizon towards which the youth turns, both strong and vulnerable.

Photos 1-2-3 © Andrea Mantovani