2021 / Forever

Public sculpture commissioned for the courtyard of the jardin Arnaud Beltrame in Paris
Courtesy @galeriemarguo

Reinforced cement and various materials, dimensions (letters) 400x45x60cm

The device of fragmentation, as it pertains to our experience of time and memory, is also at play in the four meter long sculpture Forever,– a ubiquitously employed word in the declaration of affections – which appears to be in a premature state of erosion. The crumbling, yet still legible letters, evoke the persistence of love against the ravages of time. They also bring to mind the 18th century architectural fad for ‘sham ruins’, which appealed to the romantics’ fascination with the past and one’s own mortality.

Sculpture produced for the exhibition “Antinous, Antinous”, Marguo gallery, 2021