The BLOOMING exhibition inaugurates the Domaine’s new exhibition space, the Pompadour Cellar.
A unique exhibition that celebrates the time of the renaissance and the blossoming of nature and mankind by bringing together artists of yesterday and today. Dedicated to painting, ceramics, drawing and figurative photography, this majestic Eiffel-type space of more than 900 square meters, magnificently enriches the 55-hectare estate.

For this first exhibition in the “Cellier Pompadour”, 61 artists are gathered under the curatorship of Nathalie Vranken, Catherine Delot – Director of the Reims Museum of Fine Arts, Chief Curator of Heritage – and Fabrice Bousteau – Curator and Editor of BeauxArts magazine.

Edmond ALLOUARD, Tandem BACHELOT & CARON, Emile BARAU, Philippe BAUDELOCQ, Gaston BETHUNE, Adolphe BINET, Jacques-Emile BLANCHE, Celina BLUNDELL, Virginie BOUDSOCQ, Georges BOURGIN, Raymond BRASCASSAT, Sophie CALLE, Jean-Charles CAZIN, Jacques CHARRIER, Philippe COGNEE, Camille COROT, Mathilde de l’ECOTAIS, Etienne DINET, Lionel ESTEVE, Henri FANTIN-LATOUR, Jean Pierre FORMICA, Jean-François FOURTOU, Louis FRANÇAIS, Emile FRIANT, Bertrand GADENNE, Emile GALLE, Paul GAUGUIN, Stephan GLADIEU, Henri GUINIER, Claude HUILLOT, Paul JAMOT, Achille KOETSCHET, Bogdan KONOPKA, Olivier KOSTA-THEFAINE, Alexandre et Florentine LAMARCHE-OVIZE, Ernest LAURENT, Gaston LECREUX, Gustave LOISEAU, Aki LUMI, Hélène MARCOZ, André MARE, Henri MARTIN, Marie ORENSANZ, Louis PAVIOT, Raphaëlle PERIA, Laurent PERNOT, Lie-Louis PERRIN SALBREUX, Gerald PETIT, Pierre et Gilles, Adolphe PIOT, Philippe ROUSSEAU, Jean SADDON, Pierre SEINTURIER, Barthélémy TOGUO, Abel TRUCHET, Tursic & Mille, Keith TYSON, Simon VERELST, Antoine VOLLON, James WEBB, Stephen WILKS