2017 / EDIS Endowment fund, Avignon

“HORTUS”, collective exhibition from June 2 to October 1, 2017

Curator : EDIS

At the crossroads of computer and digital sciences, biology and chemistry, engineering and robotics, the 12 artists installed at the Vouland museum offer installations in relation to the collections and the garden. As much invitation to new perceptual experiences and a new look at the decorative arts of the museum through our imagination today.

Graduated from the University of Paris VIII and Le Fresnoy, Laurent Pernot has been modeling a polymorphic work for the past ten years through different media: video projection, installation, photography and the diversion of objects. His main source of poetics is the flow of time, the impermanence of things, the visible and the invisible rendered perceptible by a certain use of light and movement. Fed by scholarly references, his installations are imbued with anxious gentleness that manifests the loss or disappearance and induces the sensation of a floating world whose fragility threatens us.
Laurent Pernot’s works are often rooted to the notion of time, like La rose, an enigmatic and fascinating “sculptural video”. Placed on the ground against a wall, not far from the delicate watercolors of Redouté that echo it, a real white rose ignites and seems to be consumed under our amazed eyes. Technically, the flame is a video projection, a virtual image made of particles of light that provide a brief but intense illusion. Through artifice, the work makes palpable the effects of passing time and the coming wilting of the rose. It offers itself as a contemporary vanity like the bouquets covered with ice that find a special resonance in the cozy decor of the living rooms on the first floor. Seemingly realistic, these enigmatic objects seem to have been grasped by the cold, or come from another era. Located in a suspended space, a time out of time, these bouquets disturb by their decorative connivance with the surrounding paintings and hangings.

Artists : Hicham Berrada, Vincent Broquaire, France Cadet, Miguel Chevalier, Edmond Couchot & Michel Bret, Bertrand Gadenne, Laurent Pernot, Quayola, Scénocosme, Antoine Schmitt