2015 / MMOMA, Moscow, Russia

“A fraction of infinity”, solo exhibition from September 29 to October 25, 2015

Special project of the VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

For his first major exhibition in Russia, the french artist Laurent Pernot plans to conceive the museum’s space like a musical score, immersive and romantic, rhythmic and contemplative. In an indefinite atmosphere between dawn and dusk, some existing and new artworks produced especially for the occasion will expose a central theme in his practice: TIME, the flow and perception of time, time as a fourth dimension and potential of fiction, space-time continuum, time as a vessel for memory, time as an enigmatic force.
Intriguing or sometimes spectacular, the artist’s work is protean. Visitors will meet projected and animated images, ghostly presences, particles of lights, photographs and writings from the past, frozen objects in the ice, moving figures and landscapes.
“More than time itself, what is emphasized is its sensitive and poetic charge,this is his ability to amaze and produce unexpected stories, just as the clouds that languish in the sky and draw evanescent forms. These aspects probably contribute to the feeling of a magical time, the one that is found in fairy tales and ancient myths, or one that permeates our dreams and childhood memories”. Julien Verhaeghe.
In the shadow of Marcel Proust and Andrei Tarkovski, in the twilight zone of renowned russian cosmologists and poets from the past centuries, the exhibition “A fraction of infinity” will invite us to meditate on our ephemeral and miraculous presence in the world, from the gray areas of our consciousness to the mysteries of origins.
In the Moscow biennale of contemporary art and TERRITORIA festival context, with the complicity of MMOMA and Institut Français de Russie, a room of the museum will be devoted to a collaboration between the artist Laurent Pernot and the choreographer Anna Abalikhina. The audience will be invited several times to attend an original performance, conceived to interact with the exhibition’s space itself and through time.

General partner of the project « Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation »