2012 / CAB, Grenoble

“Là où naissent les fantômes” (There where ghosts are born), solo exhibition from June 23 to September 9, 2012

By privileging all forms of expression, from the conception of installations to the production of images, Laurent Pernot experiments with temporal, poetic and immersive processes. His productions revolve recurrently around the notions of visible and invisible, time and misplaced memory, inspired by the imagination of science and history that haunt the individual and society . The identity, survival, precariousness and limits of the living are among its major themes, and often unfold against the tide of the principles of modernity and mass culture. Exploring the fictional potential of exhibition spaces and the relationship to the viewer are also crucial for the artist.
“There where ghosts are born” will bring together recent and new works, each of which has a tangible or speculative relationship with the invisible. By soliciting both our senses and our memories, primitive, individual and collective, the course of the exhibition will be conceived as a journey back in time, alternating moments of poetry and contemplation.