2011 / OCT Gallery, Shanghai, China

“Augmented senses”, a China-France Media Art Exhibition group

OCT Suhe Creek Gallery, Shanghai, from Jun 28, 2011 – Jul 31, 2011
OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, from Aug 15, 2011 – Sep 11, 2011


Curatorial team : Yan Xiaodong, Charles Carcopino

Use of digital shook all the industries up and spread itself in the whole world by offering every day new abilities to people.
The field of creation too. The limits of our own 5 senses are constantly postponed by new discoveries and inventions getting from experimental to common use. We wonder often how we could do in the past without technologies which appears today totally essential.
Digital revolution never finished to transform our world so fast that sometimes we can’t understand these phenomenons.
“Augmented Senses” shows visions of creators from two great nations, France and China, who associated to offer two visions, a dialogue built in a journey of artistic installations. Questioning relations between humans and their environment, these works…