2010 / Attrape-Couleurs, Lyon

“Dark Matter”, solo exhibition from March 27 to April 30, 2010

The universe contains more matter than the one we see. A still unknown matter represents a mass much larger than the one of the galaxies themselves. If the concept of “dark matter” appeared recently in history (in the 1970s), followed by that of “dark energy”, it was predicted and used by Einstein before finally being considered his most big “gaffe” … It was actually a great intuition. To this day, dark matter and energy are the biggest enigmas in the study of the origin and destiny of the universe.
From the beginning of his works, Laurent Pernot’s productions revolve around the notions of visible and invisible, drawing particularly on the imagination of science and human culture. He thus addresses the following themes: the inert and the living, the singular and the whole, the finite and the infinite, the human figure and death.
Exploring the fictional potential of exhibition spaces and the relationship to the viewer are also crucial for the artist. In this sense, some of the works have been specially designed in situ.