2011 / Is there no longer any miraculous in this world

In-situ light and sound installation, Kronprinz Tower, National Center for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad Branch, Russia

A message in white neon capital letters appears along the top of the façade of the Kronprinz Tower. Is There No Longer a Miraculous in this World is first a reference to the autobiographic work of Johanna Adriana Ader-Appels (Een Groninger Pastorie in de Storm), where she talks about war and resistance, and describes her feelings which constantly waver between resignation and hope concerning the future of humanity. In today’s context, the quote questions the modern condition of man, both as an individual and collectively. A bright blue night sky appears in the windows which are covered with white veils that flutter in a breeze coming from inside the tower. Then, over and over in a loop, the tower emits a soundtrack comprised of a musical excerpt from Haydn’s famous Il Mondo Della Luna, blended with several frequencies captured directly in the universe and rendered perceptible to the human ear.

Coproduction French Institute, St Petersburg – NCCA, Kaliningrad, Russia