2007 / Chronorama

Interactive video installation

“The installation Chronorama is characterized by a subtle interactivity. In the absence of the viewer, the video shows only a seascape lit faintly upon the horizon. Then, when someone enters the installation’s zone of sensitivity, zenithal lighting rays begin to sweep the surface of the water, accompanied – if the viewer continues to move about – by a white, almost translucid schooner, like a ghost ship or spectral apparition. When the movement in the room stops, the ship sinks back into nothingness*. By this dependence on the viewer to come to life, the work makes reference to Reynaud’s praxinoscope (patented in 1877), an animation device inspired by the magic lantern and operated by crank handle, i.e. with human intervention. Initially, the praxinoscope was a game, and we find here the theme of childhood as well. But above all, it’s the phenomenon of apparition which is emphasized by this allusion to the origins of the cinema.”
Vanessa Morisset

Production Cultural Service for the City of Beauvais, Le Labo multimedia culture space, Drac Picardie